Since our inception, MIM Software Inc. has made a commitment to advancing the healthcare field. We continually improve and develop our products based on the needs and feedback of our customers. We also pride ourselves on our record of major innovations that have advanced our primary goal of enhancing patient care.

MIMcloud™ is MIM’s innovative web-based solution for remote image access and secure storage. MIMcloud’s seamless integration with MIM® workstation software provides clinicians with easy access to their patient’s images, as well as short-term or long-term data storage.

MIM’s Contour CoPilot™ has advanced the state of the art of contouring. Contour CoPilot provides an automatic deformable method of contouring for any region in the body and fits easily into an existing workflow for CT and MR.

The VoxAlign Deformation Engine™ harnesses the power of deformable registration, creating a whole new set of innovative tools for radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, and research.

"The MIM deformable software has not only streamlined a very laborious but very necessary part of treatment planning; it has allowed easy integration of new imaging technology to better identify areas of active tumor."
Ken Hu, M.D., Radiation Oncologist
Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City

With innovations such as Atlas-based Segmentation and Deformable Re-contouring for Adaptive Therapy, MIM offers radiation oncologists dramatic timesavings by automatically generating contours for target volumes and normal structures.

"MIM has made adaptive replanning of head and neck IMRT cases a feasible standard operating procedure in our department. MIM has decreased physician turnaround of approved volumes by a significant amount."
Amy Harrison, Medical Physicist/Clinical Supervisor
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia

MIM Software™ has innovated in the areas of PET and PET/CT contouring with PET Edge™. This automatic tumor segmentation technique is accurate and robust, taking the guesswork out of PET contouring.

A commonly encountered dilemma is how to retreat patients with radiation whose cancer has returned. MIM has developed Dose Accumulation tools to combine radiation dose from multiple treatments. These tools use the accuracy of deformable registration and provide vital information on how to spare critical structures, such as the spinal cord, thereby helping to avoid treatment-related toxicities.

In response to the importance of monitoring cancer treatment, MIM has added Automated Therapy Response Tools to quickly manage the increased data, accurately correlate tumors across time points, and quantify response to therapy.

"I have been using MIM for PET/CT reviews for a few years now, and find it far superior to several other PET/CT review platforms I have used. MIM outperforms other platforms when it comes to the follow-up of cancer patients for assessment of interval change after therapy. The 3D volumetric tumor analysis for more accurate assessment of global tumor change is surprisingly easy to use and accurately reproducible."
Munir Ghesani, M.D., Nuclear Medicine Physician
St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York City

As new therapeutic options are evaluated for neurological disorders, tracers for PET and SPECT Neuroimaging have been a focus of recent development. MIMneuro® provides an intuitive interface for quantitative evaluation. Without sacrificing the flexibility and power required for clinical trials, MIMneuro is an essential link between development and clinical use of novel tracers.

"We are doing twice as many Neuro PET exams as we did a year ago. This is a direct result of the quantitative capability of MIMneuro, which allows us to generate more definitive reports that our clinicians have confidence in. MIMneuro is an enormous tool for neuro PET, and in my opinion an obligatory tool. I have increased confidence using PET for tumor evaluation in the brain since MIMneuro can detect changes in metabolic expression which may not be visually conspicuous in the context of intense cortical uptake."
Larry McNamee, M.D., Medical Director
Specialty Teleradiology, Westlake, Ohio

At MIM Software, we are also innovating in the PACS arena with the MIM Storage Server. The increased storage demands of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) have created the need for an RT-PACS that handles both traditional modalities and RT formats. The MIM Storage Server leverages the power of MIM's diagnostic display and contouring software to create the first image-centric RT-PACS solution. Finally, data for planning, daily setup, replanning, and retreatment for tumor recurrence can be quickly and easily accessed, enabling increased productivity and enhanced patient care.