Mobile MIM

Open Up New Possibilities with Mobile MIM

  • Mobile MIM is a diagnostic imaging app for the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.
  • Imaging professionals now have a portable solution away from their workstations.
  • Consult with peers for difficult cases and overreads.
  • Review X-rays and ultrasounds.
  • Reduce image distribution delays.
  • Enhance referring physician and patient interaction.
  • Never rely on ad hoc mobile viewing solutions again.
  • Bypass the cost and headache of CDs.
  • Give hands-on image access to tumor board or class members.

Access Your PACS with a MIM Server Solution

  • A MIMpacs server can function as an imaging server for Mobile MIM.
  • Configure MIM software to cache a subset of PACS data for mobile access.
  • Access patient studies with fast searching and viewing.
  • Keep data within your local network.
  • Access data off-site with VPN or other network extensions.
Simplify Using MIMpacs

With MIMpacs as your primary image storage solution, the setup is even simpler. Every study in MIMpacs is immediately accessible.

Extend your PACS with MIMcloudTM and MIMcloud ExpressTM

  • MIMcloud securely hosts image data so users can maintain access while off-site.
  • The free MIMcloud Express automatically routes PACS data transfers to MIMcloud.
  • MIMcloud Express accepts standard DICOM transfers for institution-wide compatibility.
  • MIMcloud Express is vendor-neutral and compatible with PC and Mac.
  • A single server can route to multiple MIMcloud users or groups.
  • All PHI is encrypted for transfer and storage (for HIPAA compliance).
MIM 5 Integrates with MIMcloud

MIMcloud compatibility is built into every MIM 5 workstation, allowing you to manage studies, push and pull images, and easily share studies with others inside or outside your institution.

Broaden Your Horizons with MIMcloud

  • Access images from any Internet connection.
  • Enhance teleradiology and multi-institution reading operations.
  • Use MIMcloud as off-site backup.
  • Share images with referring physicians, partner institutions, and patients.
  • Collect or contribute images for clinical trials.
  • Distribute images to users who don’t have Mobile MIM using the MIMviewer® downloadable desktop software.