Reimagine your workflow with automation.

Empower daily decisions with data.

Leverage data to evolve your practice.

Clinicians face escalating pressure to manage the increasing volume and diversity of plan data while improving plan quality. MIM Software provides solutions to help you shift the balance of your work from manual task completion to qualitative improvement of your treatment planning process.

By not realizing the potential of automating routine tasks in your clinical workflow, significant time that could be spent improving overall plan quality is squandered.

You need a system that can augment your existing procedures by standardizing and automating manual tasks in the clinical workflow and preparing data when it arrives without additional effort. MIM Software partners with you through implementation and ongoing improvements to processes such as dose calculation, plan assessment, and peer review.

Automated Dose Calculation

MIM SureCalc™ MonteCarlo provides next-generation adaptive therapy assessment. Within a single platform, routine processes such as daily RT dose calculation on CBCT and reporting can be automated to help ensure efficiency and standardization.

Assess Adaptive Therapy.

Generate pseudo-CTs and calculate dose on daily images with ART Assist™ using MIM Software’s robust imaging techniques. Anatomic and dosimetric changes can be quantified during treatment for predictive plan assessment.

Expect More from Second Check QA.

From calculation to reporting, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo provides more substantial QA with powerful dose volume evaluation and comparison tools. Raise your standards for plan second check.

Gold Standard Dose Accuracy.

Superior Speed.

Developed in partnership with Radialogica, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo utilizes an advanced Monte Carlo algorithm that allows for machine-specific beam modeling. Accuracy isn’t compromised for speed, and 3D volumetric calculation often takes only a minute.

Rethink Peer Review & Chart Rounds

What are you learning from peer review? Group evaluations such as peer review and chart rounds make a distinct difference in treatment planning, and result in changes to cases 9.5% of the time, as highlighted in this study

There’s much more to learn from peer review, but unfortunately, compromises affecting patient care are often made due to time constraints, inconsistencies from meeting to meeting, poor review tools, and communication errors. MIM is positioned to solve these problems through automation, structured review, and seamless documentation.

Case Study

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

Driving Efficiency
Through Standardization

Are you interested in learning how MIM is improving research and clinical-based practices at leading medical institutions?

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Australia implemented MIM Software’s Radiation Oncology solution and has realized significant benefits in its department through increased productivity, improved patient care, and reduced expenditure. This was achieved with the help of MIM’s unique user and data management architecture, vendor-neutral platform, and customized automation scripting.

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