Introducing MIM SureCalc® MonteCarlo

Automated Dose Calculation in MIM

MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo provides next-generation plan second check QA and adaptive therapy assessment with ART Assist™. Developed in partnership with Radialogica, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo utilizes an advanced Monte Carlo algorithm powered by SciMoCa™.

Advanced Monte Carlo Algorithm

    • Gold standard for dose calculation accuracy.
    • Superior speed with 3D volumetric calculation, often in less than a minute.
    • Machine-specific beam modeling.
    • Support for photon plans from most LINACs.

Second Check QA Advantages

    • Automate independent second check of RTplans from calculation to reporting.
    • Enhanced accuracy.
    • Powerful analysis tools to compare and evaluate dose volumes.
    • Centralize and structure all plan and dose data to enable:
      • Plan reporting
      • Chart rounds & peer review
      • Long-term archive in MIMpacs RT™

Adaptive Therapy Assessment Advantages

    • Calculate dose on daily images with ART Assist using MIM's image processing techniques to create a daily pseudo-CT.
    • Quantify anatomic and dosimetric changes during treatment for predictive plan assessment.
    • Automate the entire ART process including report generation with MIM Assistant®.

MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo provides the same platform and user experience as MIM Maestro® and integrates with MIM Assistant.

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