MIM SurePlan MRT

MIM SurePlan MRT

Advancing Molecular Radiotherapy

MIM SurePlan MRT provides timesaving tools for organ and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and voxel-based dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy.

Secure the Therapy Opportunity

As therapy volumes continue to increase, what can you do to maximize clinical value?

Demonstrate Value in Theranostics

Key Features

  • Patient-specific dosimetry (not model-based).
  • Supports Lu-177 and I-131 FDA approved therapies.
  • Provides vendor-neutral quantitative SPECT reconstruction and planar corrections.
  • Timesaving tools for VOI generation including tumors and normal organs.
  • Multi-modality rigid and deformable alignment.
  • Automatic dosimetry report generation.
  • Supports additional radionuclides for research.

Timesaving Tools

MIM SurePlan MRT's automated segmentation can significantly reduce the time required to generate organ volumes including the liver and kidneys. Industry-leading PET and segmentation tools are also available for tumors and other volumes of interest.

Vendor-Neutral Quantitation

MIM SurePlan MRT provides vendor-neutral quantitative SPECT reconstruction with SPECTRA Quant™ and planar corrections to provide activity concentration measurements for time-activity curve generation and dosimetry calculations.

Patient-Specific Dosimetry

MIM SurePlan MRT performs voxel-based absorbed dose calculation using the patient's own anatomy. MIM SurePlan MRT calculates dose using the voxel s-value (VSV) schema in MIRD Pamphlet No. 17 and provides dose maps and DVH curves for analysis. Tools for Lu-177 and I-131 FDA approved therapies are available for clinical use and tools for other radionuclide therapies are available for research use.

Integrated Dosimetry Reporting

MIM SurePlan MRT offers an integrated reporting solutions that allows for incorporation of images and statistics into reports to provide more information to referring physicians about the treatment course.