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MIM Harmony®

Rethink Peer Review

MIM Harmony is a dedicated solution to improve the quality and effectiveness of peer review. Auto-prepared sessions ensure that all elements necessary for a robust review are available, reviewed in a standardized way, and that feedback is formally stored and tracked long-term to identify areas for practice improvement.

Rethink your Peer Review Process

Automated Preparation

Efficiently Use Staffing Resources

Typically, setting up a high-quality peer review requires significant manual case preparation for the chart rounds meeting or one-on-one review. MIM Harmony automatically prepares your cases to ensure a focused review with all necessary elements.

Varian ARIA® and Eclipse™ Integrations

MIM Software has developed integrations within the existing Varian environment so that MIM Harmony can be used for all peer review. Approved plan data from Varian Eclipse can be easily exported to MIM Harmony with a simple keystroke. Also, the patient’s demographic information and history stored in Varian ARIA as a DOC or DOCX file will be automatically retrieved, parsed, and placed into the review.

Standardized Execution

Each meeting or individual review is guided by a disease site-specific worklist. Fully customizable to your institution’s needs, MIM Harmony's robust yet simple-to-use interface will allow you to tailor each review to its intended audience.

Structured Feedback

Asking the right questions is the foundation for a high-quality and standardized review. MIM Harmony's templated questionnaires are tailored to your clinical protocols and direct your attention to what is most important for each patient.

Practice Improvement

As your team completes each review, MIM Harmony's robust data analytics platform compiles critical information and aggregates it over time. This enables your clinic to analyze and identify areas of quality improvement that would otherwise go undetected.