Evolve Nuclear Medicine™: Standardize your Workflow. Improve Patient Care.

How much time are you spending with your patients? Nuclear Medicine departments that automate imaging protocols are better positioned to reduce inefficiency and errors and improve the standard of care. For your patients, this means better care and more quality time. For your schedule, this means more time to explore new opportunities.

How are you improving patient care?

How much time are you spending with your patients?
Vendor Neutral

Vendor Neutral

Limitless Customization

Limitless Customization

Decision-Focused Collaboration

Decision-Focused Collaboration

Evolve Nuclear Medicine™

Standardize your Workflow with MIM

Workflow Management

User-customizable display integrated with LDAP/AD gives users a unique and easy-to-use application explicitly geared to specific responsibilities. Centralized DICOM repository allows for optimized data mining and analytics.

Personalized Dosimetry

MIM SurePlan™ MRT leverages quantitative SPECT reconstruction and voxel-based dose calculation. Physicians can review the quality of your treatment with patient-specific dosimetry.

Advanced Theranostics

MIM offers multi-tracer theranostics support with quantitative SPECT reconstruction and time saving tools for organ tumor VOI generation.

Empowering Clinical Decisions

LesionID® gives referring physicians access to the latest, clinically significant staging and therapy response information. LeisonID supports the practical, clinical implementation of any user-specified therapy response criteria including Deuville, Chesson, PERCIST, and RECIST.

Elevate Productivity

MIM’s flexible licensing options make it easier to quickly turn reports around to referring physicians. Images are available anywhere with an internet connection using MIM Zero Footprint™ and Nuclear Medicine processes can be automated using MIM Assistant®.

Quantitative Image Guidance

MIM allows you to go beyond standard reporting requirements with crucial therapy response statistics such as metabolic tumor volume, tumor glycosis, and total tumor burden.

Qualitative reports are guided by quantifying patient images against healthy controls for neuro (FDG, amyloid, DaTscan™, HMPAO), and cardiac (sestamibi) molecular imaging.

Ready to get Practical about AI?

Visit MIM Software in the RSNA AI Showcase to discuss AI implementation that fits your needs.

Visit us at RSNA 2019

Stop by booth #6520 at RSNA December 1-5 in Chicago to discover how MIM Software is personalizing dosimetry for Y90 and MRT.

More Nuclear Medicine Solutions

MIM offers other Nuclear Medicine solutions beyond dosimetry.

MIM Encore®

A Comprehensive Solution for PET and Nuclear Medicine

Combine industry-leading therapy response tools for PET with advanced Nuclear Medicine display and processing.


Visualize the Difference in Brain Analysis

With our quantitative analysis software at work, we make it easy for you to review your exams and gather your results. Experience multi-tracer support and quick quantitative analysis all at your fingertips. Learn more about the features and see how you can visualize the difference with MIMneuro.


Quantitative Analysis for Cardiac PET and SPECT

Stress less and rest more with MIMcardiac at your fingertips. We've designed our cardiac software to fit your needs with quick and effective quantitative analysis in one solution. Experience cardiac software innovation at its best with our robust image registration, automated left ventricle segmentation, and more. Put MIMcardiac at the heart of your routine.