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*All information transmitted during a remote screen sharing session is fully encrypted. It is the MIM Software™ policy to not capture or retain any data that is transmitted over this transient session. In addition, MIM Software will not initiate or conduct screen sharing in an environment subject to unauthorized or public viewing.

  • New in MIM®
    MIM Encore
    Nuclear Medicine Department Solution

    ● Single solution for all of your department's viewing needs including 2D NM, PET, SPECT, CT, and MRI
    ● Thin-client delivery options
    ● Integrated cardiac and neuro packages
    Learn more
  • New in MIM®
    Amyloid Amyloid analysis tools

    ● Increase confidence with quantitative analysis tools for amyloid PET images
    ● Highlight statistically significant differences by comparing to a database of Amyloid negative scans
    ● Calculate SUV ratios (SUVR) using a probabilistic brain atlas specifically tuned for Amyloid scans
    Learn more
  • New in MIM®
    MIM Cloud Portal MIMcloud Portal™ - a thin client solution

    ● Thin client delivery of all MIM products
    ● Quickly access images from anywhere in the world
    ● Use virtually any computer for display
    ● Referring physician access
    Learn more