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MIM Encore®

A Comprehensive Solution for PET and Nuclear Medicine

We understand your department's growing need for efficiency while providing exceptional patient care. MIM Software has developed a Nuclear Medicine solution that will not only complement your Nuclear Medicine workflow, but provide effective tools for enhanced diagnosis while saving you time. MIM Software drives the Nuclear Medicine workflow.

Practical Nuclear Medicine Automation

Prime Your Nuclear Medicine Department for Efficiency

Nuclear Medicine departments need practical solutions to help save time while maintaining a high level of patient care. As therapy volumes continue to rise, how will you handle the demand? Consider how standardizing your diagnostic workflow will enable you to hack the tradeoff between efficiency and care.

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An End-to-End Nuclear Medicine Solution

From Reconstruction to Reporting – and Everything in Between

Most Nuclear Medicine departments are lagging behind clinical peers when it comes to capturing the efficiency gains promised by recent technological advances. OEM solutions rely on expensive hardware solutions, and disparate software packages that are often a burden on IT staff and cause unnecessary strain on budgets. It is becoming increasingly clear that changes are needed for Nuclear Medicine to continue to provide a high level of patient care.

Break Out of a Siloed NM Department

From image reconstruction to reporting, conventional Nuclear Medicine platforms are siloed and fail to meet the evolving needs of the department.

Advanced Quantitation

Current approaches to capturing quantitative information are too slow and fail to take advantage of the latest therapy response metrics.

Automation That Works for You

Manual attempts at image processing rely on approaches that introduce variability from user to user. Is it possible that standardizing image processing would allow you to automate your image processing and provide consistent results?


Remote Reading is Here to Stay

How Can it Be Better?

Hospital solutions such as VPN and local hosting – and even other cloud solutions – introduce additional complications ranging from a lack of security to less-than-stellar performance. Now that working remotely is likely here to stay, what does your process look like?

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Quantitative Image Guidance

  • Enables clinicians to make decisions with confidence.
  • LesionID® supports the calculation of total tumor burden as well as individual statistics based on user-customizable cut-off criteria, including PERCIST.

Advancing Theranostics

Theranostics allow clinicians to determine appropriate treatments based on imaging and then deliver the targets focused on the same imaged targets. MIM Encore's advanced segmentation, image registration, and dosimetry tools are well-equipped to manage the latest advances in this field.

  • Timesaving tools for organ and tumor VOI generation.

Data Management

  • Store quantitative data and auto-extract the statistics from patients.
  • Cloud-based storage facilitates multi-institutional research.
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What is your clinic doing now to manage quantification for the future? MIM Software provides solutions that make it easy to extract meaningful information from all of the imaging data collected in the Nuclear Medicine department. Auto-extracting statistics from patients is helpful for determining thresholds for response and outcomes. Cloud storage also allows for better support of institutional research.


Referrer Collaboration

  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues.
  • Save findings for tumor board meetings.
  • Review processed Nuclear Medicine results before sending them to PACS.

Vendor Neutral

  • View and process images from virtually any camera manufacturer.
  • Supports all modalities: CT, MR, PET, SPECT, as well as interventional.
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Nuclear Medicine departments are often stuck using outdated workstations with ancient software that are tied to the modality. MIM Encore can be the backbone of your Nuclear Medicine department by providing a common platform for both displaying and processing images from virtually any camera manufacturer make and model.


Personalize Your Workflow

  • Create custom displays tailored toward the preference of your Nuclear Medicine department.
  • Integrates with Radiology PACS and PowerScribe® 360 dictation software.
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MIM Encore’s flexible user interface allows you to customize reading workflows to the preference of the department and optimize the clinical workflow. Integrate MIM Encore into the existing hospital PACS or with PowerScribe® 360 for a truly seamless experience.


Advanced Therapy Response Tools

  • Native support for Metabolic Tumor Volume, Total Lesion Glycolysis, and SUVpeak.
  • Save time and add valuable information into your report.
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Track and monitor Metabolic Tumor Volume, Total Lesion Glycolysis, SUVpeak, and typical linear measurements with MIM Encore's breakthrough statistics tools. Capture and bookmark measurements automatically with the Findings Tracker. Findings captured in MIM Encore can be added to a structured report, saved off to PACS, or populated into a PowerScribe® 360 report.


Powerful State-Saving

  • Processed Nuclear Medicine results can be reviewed before sending to PACS.
  • Save findings and other relevant information to be presented at Tumor Board meetings.
  • Collaborate on a case with a colleague.
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Saving a session in MIM Encore allows a physician to verify the results of a renal MAG3 exam before screen captures are automatically sent to the hospital PACS. This alleviates what can usually be a big headache if images were processed incorrectly. Tumor Board meetings are also benefited by using session saves. Physicians can save the tedious measurements they created and quickly refer back to those findings during their presentations.


Industry-Leading Auto-Segmentation Tool

  • Provides accurate contours – no matter who is doing the contouring.
  • A gradient-based technique that detects the steepest drop-off in SUV values to create the contour boundary automatically.
  • Statistically more accurate than a common thresholding technique.
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From the initial PET/CT to multiple follow-up exams, MIM Encore provides a solution that makes it easy to incorporate the latest therapy response statistics. PET Edge® is a gradient-based technique that detects the steepest drop-off in SUV values to create the contour boundary automatically, making it statistically more accurate than a common thresholding technique. PET Edge ROIs can be sent to Radiation Oncology for use in treatment planning systems.


MIM Assistant®

Process, Store, and Back Up Data Efficiently

All in One Software System

  • Nuclear Medicine MiniPACS.
  • Fully integrated with all MIM Software applications.
  • Automated data management and workflow tools.
  • Long-term backup for raw Nuclear Medicine exams.

MIM System Manager™

Take Control of Clinical Automation

Monitor the Health and Status of On-Site MIM Servers

  • Manage connectivity and service statuses.
    • Pinpoint the status of a case within a workflow without contacting an administrator.
  • Monitor workflow progress at all stages: queued, running, and completed.
  • Access through your web browser from any device. No software is required.
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All Access, All the Time

  • Instant Access: Share images instantly versus traditional CD methods.
  • Patient-Friendly: Provide patients access to their exams with VueMe™ or the web.
  • Secure: Supports HIPAA compliance with military-grade encryption.

MIM Zero Footprint™

Securely Access MIM from Anywhere

Access Licensed Features from Home, On-the-Go, or Anywhere You Have Internet Access

  • Simple log-in process through any modern web browser.
  • No local hosting, plugins, or VPNs are required.
  • All encrypted clinical data is available by utilizing automated mirroring.
  • Control access to specific licenses on a per-user basis.
  • Achieve real-time collaboration with colleagues or referring physicians.

MIM Zero Footprint requires only a modern web browser for setup. Click "Contact Us" below or call 866-421-2536 to request a demo.

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The speed and workflow enhancements of MIM have dramatically improved our productivity, while MIMpacs and MIMcloud have created an efficient and invaluable link between our imaging centers, the reading physicians, and our referring physicians. Technical support and service from MIM Software has always been excellent.”


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Phoenix Molecular Imaging

Phoenix, AZ


Analyze Brain Exams in an Integrated Quantitative Platform

  • Industry-leading registration method, BrainAlign™, to ensure accurate brain comparisons.
  • Multi-tracer support for FDG, HMPAO, Amyvid™, NeuraCeq™, Vizamyl™ and DaTscan™.
  • Ability to track changes across serial exams by using robust subtraction imaging.


Cardiac Analysis Platform

  • Industry-leading image registration to ensure accuracy in perfusion imaging.
  • Advanced left ventricular segmentation, which overcomes many limitations of traditional segmentation methods.
  • Automated perfusion and viability difference imaging to highlight differences between stress/rest or perfusion/metabolic exams.
  • Polar plots.
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A fundamental goal for our company is to provide superior customer service. Our sales people and applications specialists work very closely with our engineers, and together they all work in customer service. All our people know our products of course, but just as importantly know our customer’s needs and problems.”


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