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Convenience At Your Fingertips

MIM Software® provides our customers with access to imaging through various technologies including a mobile platform.

At Your Fingertips

Download studies from MIMcloud® right to your mobile device or open MIM using our Mobile MIM™ app for the iPad® or iPhone®.

Home, Office, Anywhere

If you can't get to a workstation, you can get the full version of MIM on your mobile device when using a thin-client solution.

On the Go

Access Your Images from the Palm of Your Hand

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Mobile MIM™

Imagine Unthethered

Explore new possibilities with Mobile MIM. Open studies and view images no matter where you are on our diagnostic imaging app for the iPad® and iPhone®.

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Your Scans in Your Hands

Get easy access to scans for patients to use to take to their doctor's office or to share with a family member or another referring physician.

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Securely and Efficiently Share RT Data

Bypass the Headache of Using and Waiting for CDs and Films

MIMcloud’s drop box provides an easy, quick, and secure way to obtain or share prior RT data with another clinic regardless if they own a MIM Software product.

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Remote Browser Options

At Home or At the Office

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MIM Zero Footprint

MIM Zero Footprint gives you the ability to securely access all MIM products with the same licensed features you have in the clinic from home, while traveling, or anywhere you have internet access.

  • Simple log-in process through any modern web browser.
  • No local hosting, plugins, or VPNs are required.
  • All encrypted clinical data is available by utilizing automated mirroring.
  • Control access to specific licenses on a per-user basis.
  • Achieve real-time collaboration with colleagues or referring physicians.
Thin-Client Solutions

Access MIM from a Computer or Mobile Device

  • Secure, on-site storage backed up to MIMcloud supporting HIPAA compliance.
  • Use the full version of MIM on mobile devices, even while connecting through Citrix®.
  • Open studies in multiple locations with consistent speed powered from a virtual server.
  • No need to invest in new, high-performance hardware.
  • Access studies anytime from anywhere securely, without a VPN connection.
MIM Assistant®

  • MIM Assistant can function as an imaging server for Mobile MIM.
  • Configure MIM Assistant to cache a subset of data for mobile access.
  • Access patient studies with fast searching and viewing.
  • Keep data within your local network.
  • Access data off-site with VPN or other network extensions.

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Radiation Oncology

MIM Software’s innovative, vendor-neutral solutions simplify increasingly complex plans to improve and ensure plan quality while reducing time to treatment.

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Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Help drive data empowered decisions, clinical efficiency, and effective treatment with MIM Software’s comprehensive suite of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine applications.

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mpMRI Visualization and Analysis for Prostate

MIM Symphony Dx for prostate is a comprehensive software solution providing advanced visualization, image analysis, and report sharing. More than 3,000 centers leverage the technology of MIM to deliver rapid turnaround and assist physicians in improving outcomes and referrals.

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