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What Dose Did Your Patients Receive?

Overcome Roadblocks That Prevent You From Delivering Dose with Confidence

3 SurePlan LiverY90 windows displaying liver contours, dose, and a DVH chart

Read with Confidence

Now you can read PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT, and planar Nuclear Medicine images from any major manufacturer—all in one system.

Treat with Confidence

Limitations in knowledge and certainty often accompany subsequent Y90 treatments. Many oncologists have questions surrounding follow-up for dose delivery and coverage. MIM SurePlan LiverY90 can put an end to not knowing.

Treatment Evaluation

Time-Saving Tools for Liver and Tumors

Optimize Treatment Evaluations with Volume Segmentation, Deformable Registration, and Post Dosimetry Treatment

Know Your Dose the Day of Treatment

Patient-specific dosimetry overcomes the uncertainty that the existing planning methods do not correlate with the actual dose delivered

Timesaving Tools

MIM SurePlan LiverY90 is specifically engineered for Y90, making efficiency a top priority. A recent study1 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine demonstrated a 70% reduction in time compared to manual outlining of the liver.

Empower Your Oncologists

With patient-specific dosimetry, referrers have increased confidence that Y90 is a more legitimate treatment option. Make the best treatment path available to your patient by opening up subsequent treatment options using the knowledge gained.

Post-Op Dosimetry

Calculate dose using Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT. Calculate isodose curves/DVH on PET/SPECT using Local Disposition Method or MIRD Kernal.

Flexible Workflows

Quickly see and run pretreatment and posttreatment workflows from the sidebar menu.

Contour ProtégéAI+™

Expedite Your Segmentation Workflow for Liver and Lung with Automated Contouring

Contour ProtégéAI is a clinically practical auto-contouring solution that uses deep learning algorithms to generate accurate initial results that require minimal editing. Auto-contouring is designed to segment and standardize every step of your radiopharmaceutical therapy workflow – from image acquisition to reporting.

Learn More about Contour ProtégéAI+

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