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Your Scans, In Your Hands

Get easy access to scans for patients to use to take to their doctor's office or to share with a family member or another referring physician.


VueMe is a a comprehensive app for patients to access their scans, at their convenience. 

  • Free of charge for patients.
  • Specifically designed for patients to review their scans.
  • Review sample scans after downloading the app to get a sense of VueMe's functionality.
  • With a free, patient-designed MIMcloud account, easily share images with specialists or your loved ones.
  • Share data without MIMcloud with Airdrop®.
  • All data transfers through MIMcloud and Breeze are fully secure and encrypted for patient privacy.
VueMe A

See What your Physician Sees

VueMe is free of charge and is specially designed for patients to review their medical images – the same way your physician sees them. Import your scans through MIMcloud® or your physician can transfer your scans to you from Mobile MIM.

VueMe C

Share and Learn

Foster second opinions by taking your images to appointments, learn about your diagnosis from your physician, and share what you learned with loved ones.

VueMe B

View your Medical Scans in a New Way

VueMe offers multi-modality support in an array of medical imaging formats including PET, CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound, and SPECT. You can even view image fusions and 3D depth-shaded MIP movies of your PET and SPECT scans.

VueMe D

Import Scans in MIMcloud

VueMe works with MIMcloud to give you a place to manage your medical images for the short- or long-term — for free.

  • Keep the complete history of your images
  • Avoid common problems caused by relying on physical forms of media like CDs
  • View your images on your computer using MIMviewer, available from MIMcloud
  • View your images on the go

Available free on iOS® 
on the App Store.

Download on VueMe

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Are you a Physician?

Download Mobile MIM™ for clinical diagnostic imaging here.

Download Mobile MIM

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