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Enterprise Imaging Challenges

Whats Your Application Rationalization Strategy?

Administrators face growing pressure to improve productivity, streamline operations, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Redundant Software Wastes Resources

Over time, hospitals accumulate redundant software and processes, leading to workflow inefficiencies and ballooning OEM costs.

Inefficiency Burns Out Workers

Healthcare staff face increasing burnout risk due to repetitive processes, intensive software training, and siloed systems that detract from patient care.

Patchwork Systems Create Inequality

Incompatible software applications complicate quality control across your health system and put pressure on IT departments, clinicians, and patients.

Administrators Choose MIM

Integrated delivery networks and hospitals of all sizes rely on MIM to improve patient care.


of Leading Cancer Centers in the US Use MIM


Years of Innovation


Global Healthcare Organizations Trust MIM Software

Over the past year, we have phased out our legacy systems and replaced them with MIM.

Breece Perry

Internal Process Coordinator | Molecular Imaging at Intermountain Healthcare

MIM Enterprise Solutions

Build Bridges Across Your Organization

Maintain Staff Satisfaction and High-Quality Patient Care

Manage Growing

Consolidate Resources

Escape the end-of-life cycle. Vendor-neutral flexibility helps you eliminate redundant software and licenses.

Boost Staff Efficiency

Help clinicians do more with less. Supercharge and standardize clinical workflows with user-friendly automation.

Reverse Burnout

Give Care Teams More Time for What Counts

Let clinicians focus on patient care. MIM automation helps with everything else—workload management, repetitive manual tasks, quality assurance, reporting, and more.

Equalize Treatment

Simplify Training

Make it easy for staff to onboard. Fewer systems means faster clinical expertise and operational impact—and more consistent patient experiences.

Reduce Costly Errors

Avoid the inconsistencies and formatting errors that come with manual data entry. Standardized, automated workflows improve data exchange between systems.

Case Studies

Man wearing a suit jacket and bow tie | Carnell Hampton, PhD. FAAPM.

Atrium Health

Standardizing Treatment in a Challenging Cancer Care Landscape

Amid cross-market mergers and increasingly complex cancer treatment scenarios, Atrium Health Levine Cancer Center is standardizing care across its 14 practices.

Watch the Case Study
Dr. Landis Griffeth | Older man wearing glasses and a button up shirt.

American Radiology Associates

Keeping Up with High Patient Volumes

Dr. Landis Griffeth shares how MIM has helped the Nuclear Medicine department at American Radiology Associates manage high patient volumes while working remotely.

Watch Now
Oschner Health | A man and a woman smiling

Ochsner Health

Fully-Automated AI Contouring

See how Ochsner Health fully automated its Radiation Oncology contouring process. From CT SIM to contour review in the active patient plan on the TPS—no clicks needed.

Download the Case Study

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The cost and complexity of maintaining imaging software are escalating. MIM lets you consolidate software applications and simplify maintenance.

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Your caseloads are increasing, and your resources are shrinking. MIM lets you automate and standardize repetitive manual work so you can focus on patient care.

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