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Key Features

Visualize the Difference in Brain Analysis

Multi-Tracer Support

  • PET - FDG, Amyvid™, NeuraCeq™, Vizamyl™

  • SPECT - HMPAO, DaTscan™

  • Build your own normal database for additional tracers.

  • Analysis of Dynamic Imaging Protocols is supported.

Easy Visual Analysis

  • Voxel-based analysis with color-coded overlays.

  • Cluster analysis to refine your results for more confident interpretation.

  • Region-based analysis with Z-score tables and SUVR statistics.

  • Cortical surface projections for an overall visual perception.

Powerful Deformation


Accurate Registration Technique

  • BrainAlign is a landmark-based deformation algorithm.

  • Effectively align your scans for accurate quantitative analysis.

  • Ensure consistency and accuracy for each case.

  • Multiple-template registrations accommodate specific tracers.