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MIM Maestro®

Better Target Volumes

Treat Every Patient's Cancer as Precisely as Possible

MIM Maestro complements your treatment planning system (TPS). Time-saving tools fill in the gaps and help you make the most accurate target volumes possible. Care teams achieve the confidence needed to treat every patient's cancer precisely with a personalized plan. 

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Accurate Enough?

TPS limitations lower your confidence in tumor volume accuracy.

You Can't Use Every Image

Images from an outside institution are trapped on a CD. A prior scan can't be used during contouring due to anatomy changes. Regardless of the specific scenario, the outcome is the same: You can't access potentially useful images in the TPS. 

Unwieldy Displays Waste Your Time

It's impossible to display images in a useful way. You get stuck switching back and forth between imaging modalities and registrations because only one is displayed at a time in the TPS. The displays you can see are difficult to adjust to your purpose.

You're Forced to Estimate Tumor Location and Size

When anatomy or positioning doesn't align between images, you rely on cognitive fusion or multiple, separate rigid registrations. In plans involving tumor motion, you have to use Max IP to create an internal target volume (ITV) instead of contouring directly on the phases of a 4D CT.

Leading Radiation Oncology Departments Choose MIM®

Thousands of Clinicians Draw Better Target Volumes with MIM Maestro


Global Healthcare Organizations Trust MIM Software


Years of Innovation

MIM Maestro

Higher Precision,
Higher Confidence

Create Precise, Personalized Treatment Plans with All Available Images

Increase Certainty

See All Images in One Place

View multiple modalities and registrations at the same time while contouring. Adjust displays depending on your need, and save your layout for next time. 

Make the Most of Available Data

Access all patient imaging while you're contouring, regardless of data source, imaging modality, native acquisition plane, positioning differences, anatomical differences, or TPS.

Have Confidence in Every Registration

Ensure Accuracy

Confidently assess the quality of every registration, regardless of complexity. Confirm accuracy with Fusion Blend, Reg Reveal®, and other QA tools. If needed, improve results with Reg Refine®.

Handle Complex Registration Problems

Different diseases and imaging modalities require different approaches to ensure accurate registrations. Use rigid or deformable registration algorithms built for the disease and modality at hand.

Create Better Contours Every Time

Make the Best Possible Target Volumes

Draw better target volumes in less time with a comprehensive suite of automated tools: Contour CoPilot®, deformable interpolation, MIM Workflows™, and more.

Set Up Every Clinician for Repeatable Success

Consistency is the key to precision across your clinic or system. MIM Maestro provides automated, standardized processes that ensure reproducible accuracy for everyone on your team.

Case Studies

Dr. Muralidhar, MD - Case Study

Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest

Creating Better Target Volumes for Hypofractionation

Vinayak Muralidhar, MD, addresses common problems with target volume delineation for hypofractionation and shows you how he creates more accurate contours. 

Watch the Case Study
Dr Batth Testimonial Email Graphic 2024

Fresno cCare Cancer Center

Better Contours—and Better Treatments—in Less Time

Hear how Sukhjeet Batth, MD, MS, DABR, delivers better treatments more quickly at Fresno cCARE Cancer Center.

Watch the Case Study
Miriam Testimonial Email Graphic 2024-1

Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest

Simplify Tumor Motion Management

Physicians, physicists, and support staff at Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest save time in their 4D program and improve patient care with MIM Maestro. Hear how. 

Watch the Case Study

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