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All Access, All the Time

MIMcloud is a secure, internet-based medical image service that provides an easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing your data.

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Integrate MIM with MIMcloud

  • Manage studies, push and pull images, and easily share studies with others inside or outside your institution.
  • Access images from any internet connection.
  • Enhance teleradiology and multi-institution reading operations.
  • Use MIMcloud as a secure, long-term off-site storage backup.
  • Share images with referring physicians, partner institutions, and patients.
  • Collect or contribute images for clinical trials.
  • Compatible with every workstation with MIM 6 or later.
  • Does not include a license of a desktop application.
  • Mobile MIM™ can display DICOM stored in MIMcloud via iOS, iPadOS®, and macOS® applications.

MIMpacs, MIMcloud, and MIMcloud Assistant

Extend MIMpacs™ with MIMcloud and MIMcloud Assistant

  • MIMcloud securely hosts image data to allow users to maintain access off-site.
  • MIMcloud Assistant can be used to route PACS data transfers to MIMcloud automatically, at no charge.
  • MIMcloud Assistant accepts standard DICOM transfers for institution-wide compatibility.
  • MIMcloud Assistant is vendor-neutral and compatible with PC and Mac®.
  • A single server can route to multiple MIMcloud users or groups.
  • All PHI is encrypted for transfer and storage to support HIPAA compliance.