About MIM

MIM Software Inc. provides practical imaging solutions in the fields of Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Neuroimaging, and Cardiac Imaging. MIM Software offers solutions for PC and Mac® workstations, as well as mobile iOS and cloud-based platforms.

A privately held company, MIM Software sells its products globally to imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

"A fundamental goal for our company is to provide superior customer service. I never, ever, want to leave a customer unsatisfied. I am always amazed when a customer comes up to me at a show and compliments our customer service; to me, we are just doing what we should do! Our sales people and application specialists work very closely with our engineers, and together they all work in customer service. All of our people know our products, of course, but just as important, they know our customers' needs and problems."


MIM Software Founder

MIM Software's dedication to customers expands beyond North America, with sales and support personnel in Europe. Our fully staffed Beijing office handles sales and application support for the Asian market.

A few of our customers describe why they continue to work with MIM.

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