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MIM Symphony LDR

Comprehensive LDR Treatment Planning


Provides seamless MRI to ultrasound registration.

Predictive Fusion®

Guides you to eliminate misalignments and deformation errors during ultrasound acquisition.

Full Platform

Full treatment planning platform for MR or US-based planning with the same platform and tools as MIM Maestro®.

Step 1:


Contouring Tools for Efficiency

  • Industry-leading contouring tools.
  • One-click interpolation.
  • Multi-planar brush and pen capability with copy and edit functions.
  • One-step contouring of urethra and femoral heads using 3D Brush.

Planning for Improved Outcomes

  • Automatic and manual placement modes for both strands and seeds.
  • Accommodates angled needles.
  • Rapid dosimetry enabled by a self-directed, ever-expanding Plan Library.
  • Auto-placement of needle positions throughout the gland using the Plan Library.

QA Tools for Consistency

  • Unlimited dose constraint alerts in pre-op mode.
  • Physician and physicist remote plan approval using MIMcloud®.

Step 2:


Image for Acquisition Efficiencies

  • Rapid fusion of MRI contours with automatic capture of transverse images.
  • Customizable image acquisition methods, including frame-by-frame capture.
    • BK Ultrasound, Hitachi®, or GE Digital formats.
    • Import of DICOM image sets from CT, MRI, or US.
    • Export structures, images, and dose information in DICOM format.

Intuitive QA

  • Easy review of customizable dose constraints on the user interface.
  • Unlimited number of dosimetric alerts.

Predictive Fusion®

  • MIM's Predictive Fusion technology reorients the MRI image set.
  • In pre-plan phase, MIM Symphony LDR predicts the ideal overlay, or fusion, of the MRI prostate volume onto the live ultrasound prior to the seed implant.
  • Benefits include reduced probe dwell time, less plan deformation, and shortened fusion time.

Step 3:


Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) Seed Navigator

The configurable seed locator is tunable to match specific imaging equipment and its Hounsfield unit intensity.

Dosimetric Quality Alerts

Monitor dosimetric constraints based on prescribed parameters.

On-Demand Dose Coverage Review

Acquire an active dose volume histogram (DVH) on any contoured structure within the 3D volume of the prostate.

System and Source Management

  • Archive patient databases for treatment data and images.
  • Configure “source” data and easily add new energies.
  • Supports AAPM TG-43 dose calculation formalism.

Reporting Your Plan

  • Customizable for pre-plan, intra-op, and post-op.
  • Detailed needle loading and strand cutting.
  • DVH on any contoured structure within the 3D volume.


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