Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

MIM understands the need to have a powerful platform that serves all who contribute to your Nuclear Medicine department. Our Nuclear Medicine Solution empowers both physicians and technologists to work harmoniously through the use of a common platform and set of tools for PET/CT, SPECT, and MRI.

MIM Encore

MIM Encore works with images from all major manufacturers and provides a common solution for Nuclear Medicine processing and review. Encore allows users to combine industry-leading therapy response tools for PET with advanced Nuclear Medicine display and processing.

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MIMneuro ®

With our quantitative analysis software at work, we make it easy for you to review your exams and gather your results. Experience multi-tracer support and quick quantitative analysis all at your fingertips. Learn more about the features and see how you can visualize the difference with MIMneuro .

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MIMcardiac ®

Stress less and rest more with MIMcardiac at your fingertips. We've designed our cardiac software to fit your needs with quick and effective quantitative analysis in one solution. Experience cardiac software innovation at its best with our robust image registration, automated left ventricle segmentation, and more. Put MIMcardiac at the heart of your routine.

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