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SPECTRA Quant enables the conversion of counts to activity (Bq/ml and SUV) through a vendor-neutral SPECT reconstruction method, including iterative reconstruction, attenuation correction, energy window-based scatter correction, and resolution recovery.

Key Features

  • Convert counts to activity (Bq/ml and SUV)
  • Vendor-neutral reconstruction to unify reconstructions across the department
  • Supports half-time and half-dose reconstruction
  • Iterative reconstruction with corrections for attenuation, scatter, and collimator response
  • Advanced segmentation tools available in MIM Encore® facilitate measurements of activity concentration
  • Ability to correct attenuation using separately acquired CTs
  • Correct for motion between SPECT and CT automatically

New Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine

SPECTRA Quant can be implemented with your existing SPECT/CT camera. Diagnoses and response assessment are aided with quantitative information, enabled through the advanced corrections of SPECTRA Quant along with calibrations for camera sensitivity.


Vendor-Neutral SPECT Reconstruction

SPECTRA Recon®, a complement to SPECTRA Quant, allows for the reconstruction of a wide range of SPECT/CT cameras and radiopharmaceuticals. Now, SPECT reconstructions can be completed using one software, regardless of camera manufacturer, to allow for more consistent results.


Enhanced Image Quality

Dynamic CT-based attenuation correction, energy window-based scatter correction, and depth-dependent resolution recovery all play a key role in enhancing SPECT image quality. The ability to reconstruct using a separately acquired CT is also available.


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