SPECTRA Recon®, featured in MIM Encore, offers a vendor-neutral SPECT reconstruction method including iterative reconstruction, attenuation correction, energy window-based scatter correction and resolution recovery.

Key Features

  • Vendor-neutral reconstruction to unify reconstructions across the department
  • Supports half-time and half-dose reconstruction
  • Iterative reconstruction with corrections for attenuation, scatter, and collimator response
  • Ability to correct attenuation using separately acquired CTs
  • Correct for motion between SPECT and CT automatically

Standardize SPECT Reconstruction

Standardize reconstruction processes for a wide range of SPECT/CT cameras and radiopharmaceuticals with SPECTRA Recon. Now, SPECT reconstructions can be completed using one software regardless of camera manufacturer to allow for more consistent results. This change has the potential to save departments time and money as they look for new ways to innovate care and bring on new technologies.

Enhanced Image Quality

CT-based attenuation correction, energy window-based scatter correction, and depth-dependent resolution recovery all play a key role in enhancing SPECT image quality. The ability to reconstruct using a separately acquired CT is also available.