MIM Symphony Dx

MIM Symphony Dx

Prostate mpMRI and Radiology

The MIM Symphony Dx family of advanced visualization features for mpMRI allows a seamless four-step process that rapidly guides you from importing datasets through analysis reporting. Accomplished through MIM Symphony Dx's efficient workflows and tools to accurately identify Regions of Interest, Radiology will prove to be an important resource for the urologist as a result. Experience rapid analysis, quick turnaround, and efficient workflows with MIM Symphony Dx and MIM Software.

The four steps to complete a MIM Symphony Dx diagnostic mpMRI report are detailed below.


  • Delivers rapid data transfers to the bkFusion application within the bk3000.
  • Seamless image retrieval from PACS, external drives, and MIM's integrated cloud storage solution, MIMcloud®.
  • MIMcloud enables you to manage historic images important in the management of the Active Surveillance (AS) population.


  • Automatic image linking to an easy-to-read workspace and one-click access to contouring and assessment tools.
  • Simultaneous assessment of initial and repeat MRI studies important for evaluating the AS population over time.
  • Urology-focused output images combined with bk Ultrasound promises a guided point-and-shoot biopsy.


  • Predictive Fusion is enabled by MIM ReSlicer® technology and its ability to improve the efficiency of MRI Fusion Biopsy.
  • MIM ReSlicer "reslices" the 3D MRI prostate volume acquired in the supine position and reorients it to match the live prostate image in LLD or Lithotomy.
  • By reorienting the prostate in this manner, Radiology produces near-symmetry of the MRI volume with live ultrasound at the time of fusion, thus delivering reduced probe dwell time, needle punctures, and biopsy procedure length for the Urologist.

Click here to learn how Predictive Fusion accelerates the fusion and probe insertion process.


  • Produce Regions of Interest to be sampled with both image data sets and slice-by-slice reports.
  • Customization of all reporting and image sets each catered to the demands of your referral sources.
  • Autonomy of the Radiologist to deliver the results through PACS, external drives, or MIMcloud.
  • MIMcloud allows the Radiologist to be the archive and quantification source as AS patients return for reassessment.

MIM Zero Footprint

MIM Zero Footprint delivers secure cloud access to MIM Symphony Dx with the same licensed features available in the clinic.

  • Simple log-in process through any modern web browser.
  • No local hosting, plugins, or VPNs are required.
  • All encrypted clinical data is available by utilizing automated mirroring.
  • Control access to specific licenses on a per-user basis.
  • Achieve real-time collaboration with fellow Radiologists and referring Urologists.

MIM Zero Footprint requires only a modern web browser for setup. Click "Contact Us" below or call 866-421-2536 to request a demo.

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Targeting Biopsies with MR-US Fusion

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“One of the great and unique things about MIM Symphony is that it is a pathway solution. It can be implemented at the beginning when the PSA is high and also 10, 15 years later when that prostate is being reimaged. The software not only renders the whole process more efficient, but actually makes the radiologist’s life easier.”


Professor of Interventional Oncology | University College London

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“A fundamental goal for our company is to provide superior customer service. Our sales people and applications specialists work very closely with our engineers, and together they all work in customer service. All our people know our products of course, but just as importantly know our customer’s needs and problems.”


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