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Reduce Contour Editing Time Using Contour CoPilot® with Interpolation

Radiation Oncology departments are always searching for new ways to save time spent on contouring without compromising the quality of the contours. Many MIM customers have already significantly improved their contouring efficiency by using the Contour CoPilot tool included in MIM Maestro®.

Contour CoPilot®

Contour CoPilot allows users to quickly draw and edit target volume contours and organs at risk contours, whether those were drawn manually or auto-generated via an AI segmentation platform such as Contour ProtégéAI. The advantage of CoPilot lies in its swift, accurate predictive contour rendering on each upcoming slice by factoring in the user’s previous edits while utilizing a deformable registration algorithm.

cc-contours screenshotMany of our customers who love Contour CoPilot suggested that a deformable interpolation would further increase time savings on contour creation and editing, and we responded. MIM’s new Contour CoPilot with Interpolation does just that. Imagine the predictive quality you have come to expect with Contour CoPilot applied to multiple slices with the same accurate intensity detection, effectively multiplying your time savings. With this new tool, the entire contouring process becomes refreshingly easy. Clinicians have been impressed with how the Contour CoPilot with Interpolation tool augments efficiency in their OAR and TV contouring protocols.


The tool is available for all users to add to their toolbar by clicking the double arrow button to the right of the top toolbar and selecting it from the Configure Toolbar menu. You can use the search field of available tools to find it. If you have any questions as you use the tool, please contact your MIM Site Development Manager and they can help you get started.

Contour CoPilot with Interpolation is Available to MIM Maestro Customers at no Additional Cost