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Simplify Image Registration in Any Clinical Scenario

Hear how MIM Maestro helps a dosimetrist simplify complex rigid and deformable registrations regardless of the treatment position or combination of image modalities.


Register All Images Concurrently with One Workflow

Universal Registration in MIM Maestro

Use a single MIM Workflow to quickly guide you through any number of accurate rigid or deformable registrations and their QA.

MIM Maestro - Register All Images Concurrently with One Workflow

Simplifies the image registration process and prompts users to check registrations with powerful QA tools

Performs automatic rigid registrations and provides the option for deformable registration

Includes a variety of deformable algorithms, specifically designed for accurate registrations of selected modalities

Automatically creates a standardized TG-132 report with registration information and relevant screenshots

Why MIM?

Success Begins Before Treatment Planning

Systems today struggle to accurately and efficiently register an increasing number of diagnostic images. They also struggle to display the registrations cohesively so clinicians can use them efficiently when completing their part of the planning process.

This is critically important.

Image registrations are the foundation for important clinical decisions and a high quality treatment plan.

MIM Maestro ensures the excellent image registration and visualization tools needed to create a high quality plan. It gives clinicians the confidence they strive for when deciding on how best to treat each patient.

Illustration of a female doctor moving images around to create a complete image of one's head


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