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MIM Maestro®

More Confident Reirradiation

Deliver Precise, Personalized Treatments Despite Increasing Complexity

MIM Maestro makes it easy to evaluate all prior treatment information when generating new treatment plans. All the tools you need for retreatment planning are in one standardized workflow that guides you through the process.

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Reirradiation Challenges

Reirradiation Cases Are Increasing. What’s Your Plan?

Treatment planning systems (TPS) can't handle the variety of data required for confident reirradiation. 

Incompatible RT Data Undermines Confidence

Prior treatments must be carefully considered when planning reirradiation. But prior RT data is difficult to access because of challenges with TPS compatibility, treatment modality (EBRT, SRS, RPT, Brachytherapy, etc.), and fractionation.

How can you make safe and confident decisions when key historical treatment information is missing?

Patient-Specific Challenges Risk Inaccuracy and Harm

Patient anatomy and positioning changes present challenges across treatment imaging. This makes it impossible to know the cumulative impact.

Without the right registration tools or Biological Effective Dose (BED) calculations, patients are at risk for increased toxicity to healthy tissue.

Tedious Manual Work Leads to Burnout or Errors

Significant time is wasted performing error-prone manual BED and equivalent totals doses in 2-Gy fraction (EQD2) calculations in spreadsheets, calculators, and ad-hoc software tools.

Leading Radiation Oncology Departments Choose MIM®

Thousands of Clinics Use MIM Maestro to Simplify Complex Treatments


Global Healthcare Organizations Trust MIM Software


Years of Innovation in Radiation Oncology

Higher Confidence
for Personalized Treatments

Patient-Specific Planning in an Easy-to-Use Workflow

Visualize All Prior Plan Data

Sum All Prior Plans from Any TPS

Make more informed clinical decisions with MIM Maestro. Combine any prior treatment data, in any modality, from any TPS. Import, load, and visualize prior doses in a 3D patient space.

MIM Maestro seamlessly integrates with Eclipse™, RayStation®, Monaco®, and Pinnacle.

Interpret, Analyze, and Act on Historical Patient Data

A guided-workflow takes you step-by-step through a standardized planning process, making it easy to analyze and interpret prior patient data.

Auto-Scale Doses

Better understand the biological effect on your patients with BED and EQD2 tools built right into the guided workflow.

Register each dose, perform registration QA, or apply BED or EQD2 as needed.

Ensure Repeatable Precision

Bridge the Skill Gap between Clinicians

An easy-to-use workflow reduces the learning curve, allowing more clinicians to process cases for physician review.

Register Dose with Confidence

Simplify your imaging registration process with state-of-the-art QA tools and effective deformable image registration (DIR) algorithms. Safely treat patients with greater confidence.

Reduce Calculation Time

Prepare for the future with auto-compiled report summaries of prior treatment plans, reviews performed (algorithms, models, discount factors), and planning decisions.


Sum All Plans and Account for Fractionation with One Workflow

Reirradiation in MIM Maestro

Use a single MIM workflow to quickly guide you through evaluation.

Simplifies the image registration process and prompts the user to check registrations with state-of-the art QA tools

Includes a variety of deformable algorithms, specifically designed for accurate registrations of selected modalities

Transfers and sums any number of plans from any number of images

Calculates BED/EQD2 when appropriate

Automatically creates a standardized TG-132 report with registration information and relevant screenshots

Reirradiation Made Easy

Get more info on planning successful reirradiation today.

Download the E-Book

Reirradiation E-Book

Case Studies

Jackie Moda - Interview

Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology

Dose Summation in MIM Maestro

Jacqueline Moga, PhD, DABR, and her team have transformed their reirradiation process at Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology using MIM Maestro.

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Challenges in Prior Treatment Assessment and Plan Summation

Discover how MIM Maestro can help you achieve significant efficiency gains and enhance your reporting capabilities for reirradiation

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