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MIM Maestro in Clinical Practice

Hear how Physicist Jacqueline Moga, PhD, DABR, and her staff have transformed their treatment evaluation process at Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology using MIM Maestro.


Sum All Plans and Account for Fractionation with One Workflow

Treatment Evaluation in MIM Maestro

Use a single MIM workflow to quickly guide you through evaluation.

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Simplifies the image registration process and prompts the user to check registrations with state-of-the art QA tools

Includes a variety of deformable algorithms, specifically designed for accurate registrations of selected modalities

Transfers and sums any number of plans from any number of images

Calculates BED/EQD2 when appropriate

Automatically creates a standardized TG-132 report with registration information and relevant screenshots


Challenges in Prior Treatment Assessment and Plan Summation

Discover how MIM Maestro can help you achieve significant efficiency gains and enhance your reporting capabilities for treatment evaluation. Watch this informative video to learn how.

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Solve the Challenges of Treatment Evaluation

When a patient presents for a new radiation treatment, creating a timely, comprehensive, and accurate assessment that accounts for their complete radiation history can be complicated.

Solve the Challenges of Reirradiation

Prior treatment data is located at other clinics, and there isn’t a secure, efficient method to acquire the necessary DICOM data

The TPS is not vendor-neutral and struggles to import plan data created in another TPS

TPS registration tools are not able to address complex—and increasingly common—clinical scenarios where patient anatomy changed over time or differed between scans

Unclear and manual calculation of BED or EQD2

Difficulty for colleagues who weren’t directly involved in plan creation to understand what previous work went into a plan summation

MIM Maestro Department Solution helps address the challenges of planning new treatments for previously irradiated patients. It accurately and efficiently summarizes all relevant information to increase safety and accuracy, reduce planning time, support streamlined collaboration with the treatment team, and ensure better outcomes for patients.


Securely and Efficiently Share RT Data

Bypass the Headache of Using and Waiting for CDs and Films

MIMcloud’s drop box provides an easy, quick, and secure way to obtain or share prior RT data with another clinic regardless if they own a MIM Software product.

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