Contour ProtégéAI

Contour ProtégéAI

Expect More from Auto-Contouring

Contouring and post-processing can be time consuming. By moving away from atlas-based techniques to artificial intelligence using deep learning algorithms, clinicians can standardize and expedite the pre-planning workflow. Each algorithm gains clinical intelligence by learning from clinician-defined contours.

Key Features

  • Next generation segmentation utilizing machine learning algorithms
  • Powered by MIMapp Catalyst – MIM's powerful, cloud-based platform for deploying algorithms
  • CT models included for multiple treatment sites, including head and neck
  • MR models also available
  • Quick to deploy and scale – no matter how large your patient volume
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Trained and ready to go – no need to collect a myriad of user contoured datasets to begin

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Contour ProtégéAI is a clinically practical auto-contouring solution which uses deep learning algorithms to generate accurate initial results that require minimal editing. For more information, please see our Publications page.

Automation Powered by MIM Assistant®

Contours are generated upon receipt of the CT. CT-based auto-segmentation models are provided for the most common treatment sites and structures and user-curated data sets are not required.

Deploy and Scale with Ease

Contour ProtégéAI’s cloud-based deployment means that clinical implementation is quick and easy. With no hardware requirements, cloud-computing power is in reach on any workstation with an internet connection – resulting in a low impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

Integral to your Entire Clinical Workflow

Contour ProtégéAI is an essential part of a larger, holistic solution designed to automate and standardize every step of your pre-planning workflow – from simulation to treatment planning. MIM Premier™ provides flexible automation throughout the pre-planning steps, allowing your clinic to spend more time on qualitative planning decisions.