MIM Symphony LDR

MIM Symphony LDR

MIM Symphony LDR allows for MRI and CT-guided planning. It is a fully-featured solution without add-on modules.

Reshape the Role of MRI in Brachytherapy


Contouring Tools for Efficiency

  • Industry-leading contouring tools.
  • One-click interpolation.
  • Multiplanar brush and pen capability with copy and edit functions.
  • One-step contouring of urethra and femoral heads using 3D brush.

Planning for Improved Outcomes

  • Automatic and manual placement modes for both strands and seeds.
  • Accommodates angled needles.
  • Auto-placement of needle positions throughout the gland using the Plan Library.
  • Rapid dosimetry enabled by a self-directed, ever-expanding Plan Library.


QA Tools for Consistency

  • Unlimited dose constraint alerts in Pre-op mode.
  • Physician and Physicist remote plan approval using MIMcloud®.


Image Acquisition Efficiencies

  • Rapid fusion of MRI contours with automatic capture of transverse images.
  • Customizable image acquisition methods including: Frame-by-frame capture.
    • BK Ultrasound, Hitachi®, or GE Digital™ formats.
    • Import of DICOM image sets from CT, MRI, or US.
    • Export in DICOM format structures, images, and dose information.

Intuitive QA

  • Customizable dose constraints easily reviewed on the User Interface.
  • Unlimited number of dosimetric alerts.


Predictive Fusion®

  • MIM's Predictive Fusion technology reorients the MRI image set.
  • In Pre-Plan phase, MIM Symphony LDR predicts the ideal overlay, or fusion, of the MRI prostate volume onto the live ultrasound prior to the seed implant.
  • Benefits include reduced probe dwell time, less deformation in your plan, and shortened fusion time.


  • The configurable seed locator is tunable to match specific imaging equipment and its Hounsfeld unit intensity.

Dosimetric Quality Alerts

  • Monitor dosimetric constraints based on your prescribed parameters.

On-Demand Dose Coverage Review

  • Acquire Active DVH on any contoured structure within the 3D volume of the prostate.

Dx_Reports_Contour and Dose Surfaces_RESIZED.png

Reporting Your Plan

  • Customizable for Pre-Plan, Intra-op, and Post-op.
  • Detailed needle loading and strand cutting.
  • DVH on any contoured structure within the 3D volume.

System and Source Management

  • Archive patient databases for treatment data and images.
  • Configure “Source” data and easily add new energies.
  • Supports TG43 dose calculation formalism.