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Transform Consultations

Mobile MIM helps physicians convey clarity to patients during consultations.2

Comprehensive multi-modality support opens the door to connecting with patients in a whole new way, and sending studies to VueMe is only a tap away.


Connect to your MIM Workstation and MIMcloud®

  • Import patient studies by connecting wirelessly to a MIM workstation
  • Connect to MIMcloud, MIM's cloud-based storing, sharing, and viewing resource
  • Keep data within your local network or access data securely off-site

Clinical Diagnostic Tools that Go Where You Go

  • Create annotations
  • Perform pin-to-pin measurements
  • Calculate standardized uptake value with the SUV tool
  • Evaluate dose with the DVH viewer

Approved for Clinical Diagnostic Use

Open up new possibilities for radiation oncologists, dosimetrists, radiologists, and clinicians.

Mobile MIM Image A (1)

View, Register, Fuse, and Display Studies

Read an array of modalities including:

Review contours, DVH, annotations, and isodose curves from radiation treatment plans with just a few taps.

SPECT | PET | CT | MRI | X-Ray | Ultrasound

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Available free on iOS® on the App Store.

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"This is an excellent tool that allows the clinician to easily show patients their imaging studies and therefore communicate the results more effectively.

A simply powerful concept!"

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Power to the Patient

Easy access to scans for patients to use to take to their doctor’s office or to share with a family member or another referring physician.

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Securely and Efficiently Share RT Data

Secure, internet-based medical image service that provides an easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing your data.

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1 Intended Use / Indications for Use: The Mobile MIM software program is used for the viewing, registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical images from the following modalities: SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound. Mobile MIM can be used to review images, contours, DVH, and isodose curves from radiation treatment plans. Mobile MIM can be used to approve these plans. Mobile MIM provides wireless and portable access to medical images. This device is not intended to replace full workstations and should be used only when there is no access to a workstation. This device is not to be used for mammography.

2 Furber L, Murtagh GM, Bonas SA, Bankart JG, Thomas AL. Improving consultations in oncology: the development of a novel consultation aid. Br J Cancer. 2014;110(5):1101–1109. doi:10.1038/bjc.2013.749 Visit Source ➝