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Prime Your Nuclear Medicine Department

An End-to-End Nuclear Medicine Solution


Image Acquisition

Standardize the imaging department and help physicians gain new insights from the start with a single, vendor-neutral reconstruction solution.


Advanced Image Processing

A modern software solution that can handle the full imaging workload and take on new imaging protocols.


Read Preparation

Fetch prior imaging, prepare cases to be read, and suspend work in a presentation state.


Image Interpretation

New radio-tracer technology requires specialized viewing techniques that PACS systems won’t provide.


Report Generation

Overcome the shortcomings of SUVmax with new diagnostic tools to provide referrers with better insights.

Image-Reading Solutions from Anywhere

Read at home or on the road. Whether you’re catching up on a caseload, conducting research, or collaborating with a dispersed team, MIM®’s flexible deployment options allow for protected and unprecedented image access—anytime, anywhere.

Explore Remote Solutions


Global Impact

Wherever You Are, MIM Is Nearby

MIM Software serves hospitals, cancer and imaging centers, research institutions, and pharmaceutical organizations around the world. Over 3,300 organizations on every inhabited continent rely on MIM.


Global Healthcare Organizations


Transitioning to a new system is never easy, especially within an extensive hospital network like ours.

Before implementing MIM, we used various OEM hardware and software at our different facilities. Over the past year, we have phased out those systems and replaced them with MIM. Their dedicated support team has optimized our workflows to standardize image processing and provide consistent output from every location, regardless of the camera manufacturer or technologist.

MIM’s flexibility and automation of Nuclear Medicine processing has made the change more manageable and has led to the successful adoption at all of our facilities."

Breece Perry | Internal Process Coordinator of Molecular Imaging
Intermountain Healthcare


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