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What Do Clinics Achieve with MIM Maestro? 

Female doctor, sitting with a laptop on her lap. Flat graphics are surrounding her in a collage-type manner.

Better Target Volumes

Treat every patient's cancer as precisely as possible with a personalized plan. 

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Man sitting behind laptop, with flat graphics surrounding him.

Faster Simulation-to-Treatment Times

Treat patients sooner with intuitive clinical workflow automation.

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Male and female doctors sitting behind a desktop monitor with red and white flat graphics surrounding them.

More Confident Treatment Evaluation

Deliver precise, personalized treatments despite increasing complexity. 

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Trusted for Over 15 Years

Hear from MIM Users


MIM allows us to spend less time doing things we don't need to do and focus our time on some of the more important things. If you've got an automated process for doing these contours on the input, and especially for creating optimization structures, it's a matter of plugging those in and evaluating the numbers you're getting out. We focus our time on improving the plans, rather than spending a lot of time on contouring.

Ben Mowbray | Dosimetrist

Anne Arundel Medical Center


We do a 4D CT scan for all of our lung patients ... and 90% have some form of respiratory motion management during treatment ... MIM Maestro has really helped us streamline our workflow and speed up our process.

Miriam Weiser | Physicist

Kaiser Permanente - Northwest

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MIM has been helpful for image registration because of the amount of data that we can fuse at one time. We can save all of those presets and present them to our physicians exactly how they want to see them.

Missy Lawson | Dosimetrist

Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute

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I don’t know that I would want to do my job without MIM as a part of the process. MIM is like this hub that everybody feels comfortable using. People would rather do things in MIM than in the other software—and it makes my life a lot easier.

Jacqueline Moga | Medical Physicist

Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology

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I'm able to get better contours in less time ... When I feel more confident in the image registrations and my ability to delineate things the way I want to, that translates into a better treatment for the patient.

Sukhjeet Batth, MD, MS, DABR

Fresnco cCare Cancer Center

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