MIM Maestro ®

MIM Maestro ®

Radiation oncology is at the heart of today’s fight against cancer. It’s an everyday process to precisely tailor treatment plans to each patient. You need a smart and efficient system of tools to help you do this.


  • Automatically generate structure sets and save for user review.
  • Save significant time over manual contouring.
  • Use provided atlases or create your own from previous patients.

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"The Contour CoPilot tool is amazing. I love using the CoPilot to rapidly create contours. We are building new standardized multi-site contouring atlases, and we are using the CoPilot instead of other segmentation tools. Compared to other various options, the CoPilot saves a lot more time and has superior ergonomic properties."


Radiation Oncologist | University of Western Ontario | London, Ontario

Adaptive Therapy

  • Quickly deform contours from previous plan CT to current anatomy.
  • Save significant time over manually re-contouring.
  • Enables faster, more frequent replanning.

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MIM Assistant®

  • Automatically process incoming patient data using workflows.
  • Automatically archive patients within a specified time frame.
  • Fully extract and utilize information.

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Data Management

  • MIMcloud® for long-term data storage and remote access.
  • Extract and manage data with ease.
  • Easily share images and RT data securely with affiliated institutions.
  • Emergency backup of imaging and plan data.

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Multi-Modality Fusion

  • Rigid or deformable registration of any number of modalities.
  • Customizable screen layouts for complete image review flexibility.

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PET/CT Deformable

  • Automate deformation of PET/CT to planning CT for GTV contouring.

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PET Edge®

  • Provides accurate contours no matter who is doing the contouring.
  • A gradient-based technique that detects the steepest drop off in SUV values to create the contour boundary automatically.
  • Statistically more accurate than a common thresholding technique.

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Contour Post-Processing

  • Save time with automated contour post-processing steps.
  • Automatically generate planning and expansion structures.

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4D CT Binning and Automation

  • Amplitude & phase-based binning.
  • Eliminate OEM-workstation service contracts.
  • Auto-generate ITVs by contouring a single phase and deforming across all phases within seconds.

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Deformable Dose Accumulation

  • Deformable accumulation of any number of EBRT, SBRT, HDR, and LDR doses.
  • Workflows automate routine processing of cases.
  • Patient-specific QA and adjustment.
  • Customizable reports including QA results, DVHs, and dose constraints.

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Automated Reporting Tools

  • Timesaving custom report templates.
  • Review dose constraints and DVH.
  • Documentation for special physics consult.

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ART Assist™

  • Automated processing and reporting tool for IGART.
  • Quantify changes throughout treatment.
  • Automatically generate reports.
  • Makes dose-guided adaptive therapy possible.

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Reg Reveal® & Reg Refine

  • Deformable QA and beyond.
  • Patient-specific QA with Reg Reveal.
  • Perform the most difficult registrations with Reg Refine.
  • Meets and exceeds TG-132 preliminary recommendations.

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"I love Reg Reveal and Reg Refine. I now use them on all my cases, especially the most challenging ones. You have made a great product better. Thanks!"


Swedish Cancer Institute | Seattle, WA

Plan Review

  • Review beam angles.
  • Beam's eye and room’s eye view.
  • Generate a plan review report.

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Direct Imaging Access for Tumor Boards & Chart Rounds

  • Use session saves to save and reload work in a current state.
  • Pre-load any number of patient studies for review.
  • Document meeting feedback.

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Vendor Neutral

  • Import and export data from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Store treatment plans from any TPS and automate plan reporting.
  • Use MIM's exclusive features with treatment plans from any system.

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MIM Zero Footprint

MIM Zero Footprint gives you the ability to securely access all MIM products with the same licensed features you have in the clinic from home, while traveling, or anywhere you have internet access.

  • Simple login process through any modern web browser.
  • No local hosting, plugins, or VPNs are required.
  • All encrypted clinical data is available by utilizing automated mirroring.
  • Control access to specific licenses on a per-user basis.
  • Achieve real-time collaboration with colleagues or referring physicians.

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“A fundamental goal for our company is to provide superior customer service. Our sales people and applications specialists work very closely with our engineers, and together they all work in customer service. All our people know our products of course, but just as importantly know our customer’s needs and problems.”


Founder & President | MIM Software Inc.