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MIM Maestro at Work

5 medical images centered in a row, showcasing the MIM Maestro interface

Workflow Standardization

As complex protocols and hospital network consolidation increase, clinics need to ensure consistency and accuracy across RO departments. MIM Maestro simplifies clinical processes into practical, repeatable protocols that can be executed safely and efficiently.

Adaptable Customization

A certain level of customization is required to satisfy clinician preferences. Through MIM Workflows and MIM Extensions, MIM Maestro can be tailored to your clinic’s specifications and adapt to the objectives of the department.

Intelligent Automation

Powerful automation allows a variety of inputs and creates a hands-off experience if desired. MIM Maestro’s intelligent automation tools increase productivity and let clinicians focus on creating high-quality, personalized treatment plans.


With retreatments increasing, clinics must have a vendor-neutral solution to assess all current and prior treatment data regardless of the planning system used. MIM Maestro serves as the department’s plan preparation hub for processing and sharing all of the relevant imaging and planning data.

Trusted for Over 15 Years

What Are People Saying?


MIM allows us to spend less time doing things we don't need to do and focus our time on some of the more important things. If you've got an automated process for doing these contours on the input, and especially for creating optimization structures, it's a matter of plugging those in and evaluating the numbers you're getting out. We focus our time on improving the plans, rather than spending a lot of time on contouring.

Ben Mowbray | Dosimetrist

Anne Arundel Medical Center