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MIM Maestro®

Your Radiation Oncology workflow must evolve to accommodate your expanding imaging, contouring, and adaptive therapy requirements. MIM Maestro delivers automation and standardization of your therapy workflow beyond the capability of treatment planning systems.

Streamline your Pre-Planning Workflow

MIM Maestro’s automation is flexible and designed to handle the varying treatments your clinic delivers.

MIM identifies incoming cases, uses customizable workflows to process them in a standardized way, and auto-saves sessions to hand off work seamlessly between clinicians, allowing your team to focus its time on qualitative planning decisions.

  • Reduce uncertainties.
  • Improve contour quality.
  • Expedite your SIM to treatment planning process.
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MIM Assistant®

Automate Series Management

  • Automatically process incoming patient data using workflows.
  • Automatically archive patients within a specified time frame.
  • Fully extract and utilize information.
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With MIM Assistant, tasks are completed faster by automating series management. Easily create an environment that will automatically clean up patient data, transfer it, or even run incoming data through an automated workflow.

Now, you can receive generated atlas-based contours ready for editing or fusion images ready for review as soon as you sit down at your workstation. Automated rules and filters can be set in minutes and tested before they’re scheduled for use.


MIMcloud® and MIM Assistant

Data Management

  • Engage MIMcloud for long-term data storage and remote access.
  • Extract and manage data with ease.
  • Easily share images and RT data securely with affiliated institutions.
  • Emergency backup of imaging and plan data.

MIM Assistant, included in the MIM Maestro Department Solution, provides automatic querying for diagnostic images, automatic syncing to MIMcloud, and compressed data transfer to ensure fast access to the data you need.

Don’t be restricted to working on one patient at a time. With multiple sessions, you can preload one patient to review with a colleague while you work on another. Multiple people can contour the same patient at the same time and simply merge their results when finished.

With MIM, the treatment planning system is no longer a bottleneck. The TPS can be used for what it does best – plan optimization and dose calculation – while MIM handles the rest. MIM Assistant can be configured to Active Directory or LDAP for seamless user account management.

MIMcloud is a secure, internet-based medical image service that provides an easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing studies.

Archive your DICOM data off-site for as long as you need. MIMcloud provides secure, scalable, and redundant storage via Amazon S3, a distributed global storage mechanism. Compliant with HIPAA standards, MIM encrypts the data with military grade AES 128-bit encryption before sending it to MIMcloud. All data is transferred using SSL encryption and decrypted only when it arrives at an authenticated user’s computer.

With MIMcloud, you, your referring physicians, and any other medical professional can access studies from anywhere with internet access. There are a variety of configurations to simplify sharing among groups and individuals, and only users and accounts you authorize can decrypt data.

MIMcloud integrates seamlessly into MIM Maestro installations as a data source, just like MIMpacs™. Alternatively, you can access the data remotely through MIMcloud wherever you have internet access by launching MIMviewer® directly from a web browser or by using Mobile MIM for the iPhone®, iPad®, and macOS®.

Retain Data from Legacy Equipment

MIMcloud provides a secure and surprisingly economical solution for long-term storage of your patient data. Since MIM is committed to IHE-RO conformance, you can be assured that your DICOM RT objects and other data will be easily accessible for as long as you need.

MIM Assistant ensures that your data is available locally and quickly. You can also configure it as a long-term local archival solution and use MIMcloud as the off-site backup. Remote backup of your patient data is essential in case of a catastrophe, and MIMcloud is the easiest way to protect your data.

An unlimited number of MIM Maestro licenses combined with MIMcloud allows you to quickly access your patients’ plans from anywhere.

You can contour and review plans using the same state-of-the-art tools, whether you’re at a dedicated workstation in your department or away from the office. With compressed transfers and the MIM Maestro thick client, you don’t have to configure a VPN or worry about a slow internet connection hindering performance.

Sharing data with referring physicians, tumor boards, and patients is surprisingly easy. Data can be shared with other MIMcloud accounts, burned to a MIMviewer CD for archive and display, or even reviewed on the go with Mobile MIM™ for iPhone and iPad.

MIM System Manager™

Take Control of Clinical Automation

Monitor the Health and Status of On-Site MIM Servers

  • Manage connectivity and service statuses.
    • Pinpoint the status of a case within a workflow without contacting an administrator.
  • Monitor workflow progress at all stages: queued, running, and completed.
  • Access through your web browser from any device. No software is required.
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Contour ProtégéAI™

Next-Generation Segmentation 

Utilizes Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Cloud or local deployment.
  • CT models included for multiple treatment sites, including head and neck.
  • MR models are also available.
  • Quick to deploy and scale—no matter how large your patient volume.
  • No additional hardware needed.
  • Trained and ready to go—no need to collect myriad user-contoured datasets to begin.

Achieve More Efficient Contouring

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Contour ProtégéAI allows me to spend more time on the treatment planning process… Taking the contouring time out of that process allows me to spend more time generating a higher quality plan for our patients.”

Brad Pollard

Medical Physicist and Dosimetrist

Austin Center for Radiation Oncology

Austin, TX

Contour CoPilot®

Deform Edits from One Slice to the Next

  • Deforms a contour from one slice of a CT or MR to the next.
  • Offers predictions on how you would contour the next slice.
  • Fits seamlessly into any contour editing workflow.
  • Indispensable time-saver for creating OAR and TV contours in any part of the body.
  • Equipped with interpolation for increased timesavings.
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Direct Contour QA Workflow

Locate and Edit Contours in a Single Interface

  • Localizes directly to contour QA issues.
  • Provides options in the workflow to immediately edit each contour QA point.
  • No barrier between identifying and correcting contour QA points.

Contour Post-Processing

Automate Using MIM Workflows™

  • Save time with automated contour post-processing steps.
  • Automatically generate planning and expansion structures.
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Contour post-processing can be automated through MIM Workflows to quickly adjust and refine expansion structures or planning volumes, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual contouring.

MIM Workflows can be easily customized based on site-specific parameters for contour adjustments such as contour overlap removal or skin avoidance boundaries.


MIM Zero Footprint™

Fast, Reliable, and Effective Remote Contouring

Hospital solutions, such as VPN and local hosting, introduce additional complications ranging from a lack of security to less-than-stellar performance. Now that working remotely is likely here to stay, what does your process look like?

Improve your Remote Contouring

Adaptive Therapy Assessment

  • Quickly deform contours from previous plan CT to current anatomy.
  • Save significant time over manually re-contouring.
  • Enables faster, more frequent replanning.
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Deciding when to replan a patient is an important step in a patient’s overall treatment. MIM Maestro provides a suite of tools that make adaptive therapy a practical standard of care. From tracking daily delivered dose with ART Assist™ to automatically re-contouring your patient when the physician decides to replan, MIM Maestro will simplify and automate the adaptive process from start to finish.


ART Assist®

  • Automated processing and reporting tool for IGART.
  • Quantify changes throughout treatment.
  • Automatically generate reports.
  • Makes dose-guided adaptive therapy possible.
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ART Assist is MIM’s fully customizable, automated processing and reporting tool designed to automatically quantify changes to a patient over the course of radiation delivery.

Previously, the process for determining when and whether to adapt a patient’s plan was limited by the time required to generate relevant quantitative information based on daily imaging.

Now, changes in critical structures and dose constraints can be tracked over the course of treatment, compared to the original plan, and plotted in automatically generated reports. ART Assist makes true dose-guided adaptive radiation therapy possible.


Deformable Dose Accumulation

  • Deformable accumulation of any number of EBRT, SBRT, HDR, and LDR doses.
  • Workflows automate routine processing of cases.
  • Patient-specific QA and adjustment.
  • Customizable reports including QA results, DVHs, and dose constraints.
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With MIM Maestro and our VoxAlign Deformation Engine, you can quickly sum multiple dose volumes and deform that summed dose to your new treatment planning CT in order to better visualize the overall dose that patient will receive. With MIM’s deformation abilities, scans that are taken months apart can easily be deformably registered to give you an accurate dose distribution, giving you greater confidence in the treatment planning process.


Reg Reveal® & Reg Refine®

  • Deformable QA and beyond.
  • Patient-specific QA with Reg Reveal.
  • Perform the most difficult registrations with Reg Refine.
  • Meets and exceeds AAPM TG-132 preliminary recommendations.
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MIM Software has introduced Reg Reveal, the first and only environment for patient-specific deformable registration quality assurance and reporting. Reg Reveal allows you to check the results of your deformed image, giving you an assurance no other software provides.

Reg Refine takes deformable registration a major step forward by allowing clinicians to not only detect areas where a deformation is less than optimal, but also to correct them. The unique ability to repeatedly perform deformable evaluation and correction has fundamentally changed how deformable registration can be implemented for critical tasks such as dose accumulation or diagnostic image registration to planning CTs.

Now, any pair of images can be registered to one another and you can have confidence in the accuracy of the results. With Reg Reveal and Reg Refine, even the most challenging of image registration tasks can be accomplished.


Plan Review

  • Review beam angles.
  • Beam's eye and room’s eye view.
  • Generate a plan review report.
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With MIM Maestro, you can review all your plans in one place. Review contours, isodose curves, beam angles, DRR images, and more. Save your findings to your patient list or add your findings to a structured report to share with the department. Since MIM is vendor-neutral, you can import your dose plans from any TPS. MIM Maestro’s Plan Review features provide you with more timesaving techniques and a more accurate review process.


Automated Reporting Tools

  • Timesaving custom report templates.
  • Review dose constraints and DVH.
  • Documentation for special physics consult.
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Why go between multiple systems to gather all the clinical information you need in a report? MIM Maestro has reporting tools that can combine all of your findings from dose distribution to contour statistics in one report that can easily be saved as a PDF for clinicians to review. Each report template is customizable according to your department’s needs and only takes minutes to create, automatically displaying the information you’d like to share. MIM’s reporting tools can make your workflow more efficient.


Multi-Modality Fusion

  • Rigid or deformable registration of any number of modalities.
  • Customizable screen layouts for complete image review flexibility.
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MIM Maestro makes it easy to see multiple fusions at once. Fuse multiple modalities in one session to help you see multiple views of different patient scans on one screen. With MIM, the ability to see many views all at once makes your workflow fast and efficient.


PET/CT Deformable

  • Automate deformation of PET/CT to planning CT for GTV contouring.
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Attempting to fuse a PET/CT to a planning CT is often challenging depending on changes in anatomy or positioning between scans. MIM Maestro can take the guesswork out of aligning a PET/CT to a planning CT with our VoxAlign Deformation Engine®, giving you accurate results and increasing your confidence.


PET Edge®

  • Provides accurate contours no matter who is doing the contouring.
  • A gradient-based technique that detects the steepest drop off in SUV values to create the contour boundary automatically.
  • Statistically more accurate than a common thresholding technique.
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From the initial PET/CT alignment to contouring GTVs, MIM Maestro provides a solution to the problem of integrating PET images with treatment planning by using PET Edge, a MIM-specific tool that can provide you an accurate contour no matter who is doing the contouring. PET Edge is a gradient-based technique that detects the steepest drop off in SUV values to create the contour boundary automatically, making it statistically more accurate than a common thresholding technique.


4D CT Binning and Automation

  • Amplitude & phase-based binning.
  • Eliminate OEM-workstation service contracts.
  • Auto-generate ITVs by contouring a single phase and deforming across all phases within seconds.
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Decrease your 4D CT processing time with MIM Maestro and unlock the benefits of having a full 4D CT workflow in one software solution. Choose your method of 4D CT binning and adjust the binning phases based on your initial binning results. Contour your GTVs and perform a deformable propagation of that contour to all phases to create your ITV in a few clicks.

Accumulate 4D doses to better evaluate the overall dose delivered or generate a DVH per phase to determine if gated treatment is necessary.

We have what you need to make the most of 4D CT processing.


Direct Imaging Access for Tumor Boards & Chart Rounds

  • Use session saves to save and reload work in a current state.
  • Pre-load any number of patient studies for review.
  • Document meeting feedback.
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Collecting and preparing all the various imaging, reports, and plan information for chart rounds and tumor boards can be an arduous task. With MIM, it is as simple as loading pre-saved patient sessions. Any image registrations, contours, DVHs, accumulated doses or reports can be quickly accessed, organized, and reviewed in meetings.


Vendor Neutral

  • Import and export data from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Store treatment plans from any TPS and automate plan reporting.
  • Use MIM's exclusive features with treatment plans from any system.
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With MIM as the front end for the entire department workflow, physicians only need one software program for many of their tasks.

Contouring, fusion, dose review, and much more can be done in MIM regardless of the other systems you use. From radiology PACS to outside CDs to treatment planning systems, MIM integrates seamlessly with all the systems in your workflow.

Store, visualize, report, and manipulate data from other systems in MIM and then send it where it needs to go. MIM Software can simplify your workflow.

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A fundamental goal for our company is to provide superior customer service. Our sales people and applications specialists work very closely with our engineers, and together they all work in customer service. All our people know our products of course, but just as importantly know our customer’s needs and problems.”


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MIM Software Inc.

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