MIM Software is committed to helping our customers provide the best patient care possible. Effective today, we are offering free licenses to all of our customers to enable remote use of MIM. These free licenses are in addition to licenses already owned by your institution and are not limited to the number of institutional licenses already in place.

These licenses can be used for both clinical and research work and will be valid for 60 days. After that time period, we will consider extending licenses based on the current status of federal and/or local restrictions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). You can install these licenses on any computer (Mac® or PC) as long as it is modern, 64-bit, and has a minimum 8GB of random-access memory (RAM).

If you would like to submit a request for a free license, please click the "Request License" button below and fill out the form.

Request License 

Please work within your institution's guidelines for patient data and remote access policies. MIM Software supports VPN connections as well as local data access from any client. Institutions that already use MIMcloud® can easily leverage this existing path of secure, remote access. Your Site Development Manager will gladly work with your IT department to discuss which options are available.

We will continue to provide full technical support to all of our customers during this challenging period. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help you maintain your clinical workflow.