Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

We understand your need to develop the best patient care possible and we have the tools to help you get there. MIM Maestro® provides a comprehensive set of oncology tools that are not available in treatment planning systems. From the initial SIM to the final treatment report, and everything in between, MIM will complement your TPS and enhance your patient care.

MIM Maestro®

MIM offers a total software package that puts oncology tools in one place to be utilized together. Intelligent software for smarter patient care. Experience smarter planning with MIM today.

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MIM SureCalc® MonteCarlo

MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo provides next-generation plan second check QA and adaptive therapy assessment with ART Assist™. Developed in partnership with Radialogica, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo utilizes an advanced Monte Carlo algorithm powered by SciMoCa™.

Upgrade your Dose Calculation

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MIM Harmony™

MIM Harmony is a dedicated solution for peer learning, plan evaluation, and practice improvement.

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MIM Symphony LDR

Reach for MIM Symphony LDR™ and experience ultrasound-guided planning with your existing ultrasound.

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