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Innovations for Plan Quality Improvement

MIM Maestro®

Efficient and Accurate Plan Preparation

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Contour ProtégéAI+™

Lymph Node Level and OAR Auto-Contours Ready for Review in the TPS or MIM®

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MIM Symphony® HDR Prostate

MR-Guided HDR Brachytherapy®

Explore MIM Symphony HDR Prostate

MIM Symphony® LDR

MR-Guided LDR Brachytherapy

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Global Impact

Wherever You Are, MIM Is Nearby

MIM Software serves hospitals, cancer and imaging centers, research institutions, and pharmaceutical organizations around the world. Over 3,300 organizations on every inhabited continent rely on MIM.


Global Healthcare Organizations

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What Are People Saying about MIM


MIM allows us to spend less time doing things we don't need to do and focus our time on more important things. If you've got an automated process for doing these contours on the input, and especially for creating optimization structures, it's a matter of plugging those in and evaluating the numbers you're getting out. We focus our time on improving the plans, rather than spending a lot of time on contouring."

Ben Mowbray, Dosimetrist

Anne Arundel Medical Center


We do a lot of 4D CTs for our thoracic and abdominal patients. I always do those fusions in MIM as well, because I really like how I can see all the different phases and go through the 4D CT individually each phase, and make sure that my target is encompassing the movement of the target through those phases."

Dr. Twisha Verma, Radiation Oncologist

Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital


Contour ProtégéAI allows me to spend more time generating higher quality treatment plans for our patients."

Brad Pollard, Medical Physicist

Austin Center for Radiation Oncology

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AAPM 2024 66th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

July 21 - 24, 2024

Los Angeles, CA

Radiation Oncology

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AAPM 2024 User Group Meeting - Delivering Plan Quality in a Changing Healthcare Landscape

July 23, 2024

Los Angeles, CA

Radiation Oncology

USON - MIM for Contouring and MIM for 4D Processing and ITV Creation

August 7, 2024


Radiation Oncology

ESTRO Meets Asia 2024

August 23 - 25, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Radiation Oncology

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European Conference of Medical Physics

September 11 - 14, 2024

Munich, Germany

Radiation Oncology

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Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Help drive data empowered decisions, clinical efficiency, and effective treatment with MIM Software’s comprehensive suite of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine applications.

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mpMRI Visualization and Analysis for Prostate

MIM Symphony Dx for prostate is a comprehensive software solution providing advanced visualization, image analysis, and report sharing. More than 3,000 centers leverage the technology of MIM to deliver rapid turnaround and assist physicians in improving outcomes and referrals.

Explore mpMRI Visualization and Analysis for Prostate

Remote Access

Your mobile devices are with you wherever you go. Now, take the power of MIM® with you.

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